The Somerset Local Dental Committee

The Local Dental Commitee is a Statutory Body, our role is enshrined in legislation (NHS Act 1977 and Health & Social Care Act 2003).  The Somerset Local Dental Committee (SLDC) is comprises of Somerset General Dental practitioners (GDPs) ensuring that the profession is properly represented at a local level, and represent the voice of Dentistry in Somerset. The SLDC are representatives of NHS Dental Practices in Somerset sharing their expertise, with the aim of supporting local Somerset Dental Practitioners, and promoting oral health for the population of Somerset.

The SLDC is made up of the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee representatives who are elected.

We aim to be proactive in providing support and professionally representing all Somerset GDPs and Dental Staff to ensure their views are listened to, valued and shared in continuing the high quality standards of Dentistry provided in Somerset.

The SLDC is proud that we aim to engage and communicate with the GDPs in Somerset via our successful projects including our: ‘Connecting with Colleagues’, ‘SuCeSS’, ‘CPD Clinical Governance Events’ which have been well received and supported by the Somerset GDPs.

For useful information and contacts please click here.

Our committee meets three to four times during the course of the year, plus any additional national meetings and liaison meetings with the NHS England South, South-West. For the meeting minutes of our previous Somerset LDC quarterly meetings then please click here.

The committee is divided into four constituencies within the geographical area of Somerset: ‘Taunton Deane’, ‘Somerset Coast’, ‘South Somerset’ and ‘Mendip’.  Each constituency has three representatives who are elected for a period of three years on a rolling basis.

Our key objective is to represent the Dentists in Somerset. If you do have any queries at all you would like with the SLDC to discuss then please contact us.